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Strategic Financial Planning

At Stellan Capital, we strongly believe the foundation for bespoke and effective advice begins with strategic financial planning. Wealth creation, in our view, extends beyond just managing capital and involves holistically reviewing any scenarios that could impact achieving your goals. Our collaborative approach includes working closely with your accountant, lawyer and other managers to ensure we achieve the best possible outcomes for you.

Tax Effective

Implementing a wealth creation strategy without due consideration to tax efficacy can sometimes lead to less than optimal outcomes. As part of our consultative process we help you consider options regarding the most tax effective approach for your unique circumstances.

Wealth Transfer

Strategic decisions in estate planning often require more than a simple Will. We work with you to complete a comprehensive plan which also includes strategies that can form the basis of your legacy for generations to come.

Protecting Your

Strategic risk advice should not only look to protect (through private insurance) your family’s financial wellbeing in times of sickness or death, but to also put measures in place to provide structural protection in times of unforeseen litigation, marital breakdown or even in times of loss of capacity.

Superannuation &
Retirement Planning

A comfortable retirement looks different to everyone. Our on-going focus is to assist you in benchmarking your goals throughout your journey. This will include retirement planning inclusive of Superannuation advice.

Bespoke Portfolio Management

Utilising over 75 years of combined client-facing experience, our investment philosophy is based on an accessible and practical approach. This resonates with our clients who seek an investment portfolio that reflects their values and vision of the future.

Our strategic portfolio advice encompasses a broader range of investments beyond our traditional domestic offering, extending to a multi-asset class, multi-currency approach for those investors seeking more diversification.

Unlisted Alternatives (Wholesale Only)
Unlisted Private Equity (Wholesale Only)
Listed Alternatives
Listed Commodities
International Direct Equities
Australian Direct Equities
Domestic and International Fixed Income
Foreign Currency Execution for Settlement Purposes

Family Office

The Family Office is designed to help our clients establish a framework that preserves their family wealth legacy for both current stakeholders and future generations. We do this by taking on the position of a trusted advisor that functions as an outsourced CFO for ultra-high net worth family groups. Our tailored and high-touch services are offered to a small but dedicated cohort of discerning client groups in a way that larger organisations have difficulty in replicating.

Whether it is investment governance services, unlisted and listed portfolio construction advice, proprietary deal flow or full back office support, we are well organised, aligned and experienced to meet the complex needs of the modern day Ultra-High-Net-Worth single or multi-generational family group.